10 Secrets Every Boss Should Keep

It’s been said that loose lips sink ships. The same could be said for chatty bosses. Even if you used to be the life of the office party, once you’re the boss, it’s time to use some discretion before you start sharing your every thought. Here are the top 10 secrets every boss should keep.

Special Ingredient Boosts Hard Drive Storage: Salt

Salt has served as the foundation for cuisines worldwide and supported the rise of empires throughout human history. Now it represents the special ingredient for creating new computer hard disk drives capable of storing six times more data than existing hard drives.

BMW Brings Laser-Like Focus to the Road In 2013

This is my first stab at writing for a tech column.  I had a blast and would love to get feedback

Online Store Social Media Response Flowchart

Many times e-tailer forget the power that social media gives them.  With this flow chart it is a simple yet product way of managing your store and the customers that visit it.

10 Ugly SEO Tools that Actually Rock

I love that sometimes you get tools that look cool and feel cool but do nothing for you.  This is 10 ugly tools that really do work.  I love the angle the writer took with this article.


I love pens and could spend hours finding the perfect one. I good pen boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.